The Association for Protecting Natural Sites and Old Buildings in Lebanon (L'Association pour la Protection des Sites et Anciennes Demeures au Liban) was founded in 1960 by Lady Yvonne Sursock Cochrane, Mr. Assem Salam and Mr. Camille Aboussouan, with a group of active social, academic and professional figures bent on protecting the country's natural and cultural heritage.

A pioneer in its field APSAD is a non-profit organization, which was officially, recognized as a non-profit public interest organization by Presidential Decree #765.

Paralyzed during the war, APSAD resumed its activities in 1995.

Now, APSAD's role has acquired a new dimension, as unplanned postwar constructions are threatening to deprive Beirut, as well as other Lebanese cities, of their precious architectural treasures.